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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 09, 2012 4:39 pm

1. Take some time to read this information before you start browsing the forum
a) Rap's Graphics is accessible free of charge to anyone who registers
b) Rap's Graphics is a friendly board
c) Rap's Graphics will never host software, serials or porn

2. Introduction
a) Rap's Graphics is about sharing
b) Full access to the board is available once you've registered, read and replied to the rules
c) Remember... once you've made a post - it's "public property", available to all for the taking. If it ends up on another forum, good, you must have made a good share!

3. Posting Rules
a) You are welcome to discuss almost anything you want, within reason.
b) Pornography, death, violence, gore, and graphic depiction of such will not be tolerated in posts.
c) Political and religious bashing, insulting nationalities are not permitted.
Certain topics and remarks (politics, race & religion for example) can be offensive to others.
d) The mods have the right to edit, remove or delete posts that receive complaints.
e) Think before you post, a little common sense goes a long way
f) Profanity of any kind or lewd suggestions will not be tolerated
g) Do not use color or bold text. Only staff may use colored or bold text. This is so staff's comments stand out in the posts.
Exception: You may however use bold/color/size when making a tutorial or graphic proposal if it's done tastefully and not over done.
h) No advertising another forum or web site allowed what so ever.
i) Stay on topic in threads. Chit chat to remain in General Chat area.
j) Do not rip other peoples work and post it here.

4. Screenshots
a) Screenshots are permitted as long as they've been upped to a personal image hosting site. Links to game/developer sites or other boards are NOT permitted.
b) Keep your screenshots small. Maximum size is 600 x 600 pixels

5. Avatars and Signatures
a) Avatars and signatures may not contain inappropriate text, images, and/or other content. Some types of material that are inappropriate include:
b) Pornographic or nude images of males, females, adults, minors (even artistic nudity).
c) Death, violence, gore, and graphic depiction of such.
d) Profanity, Cuss words, curse words, swearing ... "bad" words.
e) Links to outside sources on the internet are not permitted. Do not add a website, or server link to your signature.
f) If you have questions about whether or not your avatar or signature is appropriate, PM a mod and ask.

g) Avatar Maximum Sizes
Avatar Height = 200 pixels
Avatar Width = 150 pixels
Avatar Size = 64kb

h) Signature Maximum Sizes
HUGE sigs are not allowed. Please limit yourself to ONE signature only
Sig Height = 200 pixels
Sig Width = 400 pixels
Sig Size = 300kb

6. Requests
a) Requests must only be posted in the request board!
b) You are permitted one request at a time
c) Please be specific in your request - include "what" you're looking for in the topic title.
d) Use the "Request Template" for your requests. The more info you provide, the better chance of your request being "Filled"
e) Posts with only "Help!" or "looking for" in the topic title may be deleted
f) If your request is filled please edit your post and mark it Forum Rules Mod-tag-closed
g) Do not make requests to artists by PM unless it is for freelance (paid) work.

7. Searching
a) Search before you post - No double posting
b) Someone else may already have posted the same request or question and your post will be considered a double post.

8. Restrictions & Warnings
a) Do not add a website, or server link to your signature.
b) Any posting of links to other boards is prohibited!
c) Do not recruit members here for your forum.
d) No Warez (Pirated Software) will be tolerated. That includes software, cracks or serial numbers.
e) Posting links to Warez will result in getting banned immediately. No warnings will be given.
f) Posting ripped work will result in a ban. Only one warning will be given.

f) Warning Levels
Forum Rules Naut_warning_100   No Warnings
Forum Rules Naut_warning_75   One Warning
Forum Rules Naut_warning_50   Two Warnings
Forum Rules Naut_warning_25  Three Warnings
Forum Rules Naut_warning_banned   Banned

9. Editing of posts
* Staff Members are entitled to edit and correct any posts containing violations of our rules!

10. Deleting of posts
* If you wonder why your post was deleted, study the above rules!

11. Complaints about decisions
Never start discussions about issued warnings etc. within threads!
b) If you feel yourself misunderstood or similar, then always contact staff through PM.
c) Public complaints and discussions of staff-decisions will be deleted immediately!
d) Staff decisions are final

12. Warnings for posts
a) Violating of any of our rules can result in a Warning.
b) Staff may also have to suspend, or ban members immediately if an extreme situation calls for it.

Welcome to
Rap's Graphics

No Requests Done Via PM Unless For Freelance Work
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Forum Rules

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