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 Animation in PS Tutorial №2 - Moving Car Animation

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PostSubject: Animation in PS Tutorial №2 - Moving Car Animation   Sun Sep 09, 2012 1:32 pm

Photoshop Animation Tutorial №2
Moving car animation

Here's a Brief Tutorial on How to Make a Moving Animation

I want to make an animation of a car cruising across scene
I have my background and car Image

So I open the background In Photoshop and paste the car into it
I put the car where I want it Horizontally with the move tool

I want the car to drive from off the screen on the left, to off the screen on the right. So I need to start the car off screen on the left side. With the move tool click and drag the car off screen while holding the Shift key. Holding the shift key will keep the car where you want it horizontally. You could also just use the arrow keys to move it. You have to make sure that the car layer is selected in the layers pallet.

Open a new frame. You'll see that I already set the animation speed at .1 on the first frame. So every frame I add after that will be set at .1. Using the arrow key I move it 15 spaces to the right

Now open another new frame and move it another 15 spaces.
You see the car come further into the scene.

You can do this over and over until the car is off screen on the right side. Or you can use the Tween option.
Make the first frame like above with the car off the left edge of the screen. Then open a new frame. Drag the car off the right screen. Click on the Tween button.

You'll see this window. In the Frames to add space I put 40. Then select previous or first frame.

You'll see it automatically add all the frames in between.

Click Run

Go to Menu, Save for Web and Devices and your done.

This is a very basic animation. Normally, I would make the tires, car and probably the scarf have some movement. You could add some smoke coming out of the exhaust too! You'll notice that the car seems a little jerky. It is actually better to have the background move then the main subject (car). As your attention is on the car, you won't notice the background being a little jerky quite as easy.

This tutorial is copyrighted to DustyBones.
You may not publish it anywhere without written
permission from the creator.

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Animation in PS Tutorial №2 - Moving Car Animation

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