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 Bullet Ranks

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PostSubject: Bullet Ranks   Bullet Ranks I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 31, 2012 2:54 pm

I did not make the bullet image used for these ranks.
Thanks go out to the unknown author for the original image.
I did however alter it to fit my needs for these ranks.
Original silver bullet;
Bullet Ranks 00-original-bullet

Bullet Ranks Bullet-01-owner Bullet Ranks Bullet-02-found Bullet Ranks Bullet-03-hdadmin

Bullet Ranks Bullet-04-admin Bullet Ranks Bullet-05-admin2 Bullet Ranks Bullet-06-man

Bullet Ranks Bullet-07-globmod Bullet Ranks Bullet-08-supmod Bullet Ranks Bullet-09-senmod

Bullet Ranks Bullet-10-mod Bullet Ranks Bullet-11-gfxmod Bullet Ranks Bullet-12-codermod

Bullet Ranks Bullet-13-chatmod Bullet Ranks Bullet-14-gfx Bullet Ranks Bullet-15-coder

Bullet Ranks Bullet-16-codspec Bullet Ranks Bullet-17-tech Bullet Ranks Bullet-18-review

Bullet Ranks Bullet-19-pack Bullet Ranks Bullet-20-retstaff Bullet Ranks Bullet-21-support

Bullet Ranks Bullet-22-vip Bullet Ranks Bullet-23-memb

Bullet Ranks Bullet-24-ban Bullet Ranks Bullet-25-ban2

Font: Bank Gothic Md BT
Font Size: 10, Vertical tracking 120%
Font Color: rgb; (248, 234, 175)
Font Anti Aliasing Method: Sharp
Font Download: Here
Blank Image: Bullet Ranks Bullet00-blank Bullet Ranks Bullet00-blnkban

Download package of graphics and psd file
Bullet Ranks Dwnlad_butt_gray_zps778424d6
311 KB

Bullet Ranks Thumbsup
Handcrafted by:

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Bullet Ranks Dusty_naut_sig
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Bullet Ranks Sig_tag
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Bullet Ranks Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bullet Ranks   Bullet Ranks I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 03, 2013 8:14 am

Nice set .. going with the Bank Gothic Md BT font was a good choice. thumbs up
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Bullet Ranks

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